The jaw joint or TMJ is located on both sides of the face, somewhere in front of the ears. The TMJ attaches the lower jawbone to the skull and takes part in masticatory and speech functions.

There are many disorders of TMJ, such as: bruxism, dislocated or disconnected disc, damage to the bone pit where the joint is located, arthritis, acute trauma, bad bite, etc. In order to be easily recognized and accurately diagnosed, an appropriate 3D CBCT image as well as powerful software by which the details can be seen immediately are mandatory.

With FOV 16 × 15, which can be done only with us in 3D X-Ray, the airway volume (narrowed volume) is diagnosed, which is in closely related with the condition of the temporomandibular joints – the first and main etiological factor for disorders of TMJ or so-called TMD.