IO Imaging

IO means intraoral imaging or capturing images of the interior of the mouth The X-Ray device EzRay Air, by which the scanning is done, reduces blurriness and provides additional diagnostic image value with a focal spot of 0.4 mm.

Technical Specification

Focal Spot0.4 mm (IEC 60336)
Tube Voltage (kV)65 kV
Electric Power3.0 mA
Exposure Time Range0.05 ~ 0.5 (0.01s increment)
Source-skin distanceMin. 200 mm

The reading of the IO images is done by an advanced soft silicone sensor EZSENSOR SOFT which, as applied, decreases the pain and it is easy for positioning Compared to rigid Intra-oral sensor, the level of pain has been decreased by 40%. .


With reduced pain for the patient, the staff able to accurately position the Intra-oral sensor on the region of interest for diagnosis. The dense pixels provide consistent high resolution and clear images for precise diagnosticis and treatment plan.

EzSensor Soft sensor is different from all the other sensors on the market. At 14.8 μm, the EzSensor Soft has a theoretical resolution of 33.7lp/mm.